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Most people are deprived of financial success because the fear of losing money is much greater than the joy of wealth..

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Our advantages
20% affiliate program

Get 20% of your partners` deposits to your Bitcoin address. All payments are automatic

Automatic payouts

All operations are automated. We use fast and fault-tolerant server solutions. So there is no delay in our system

Professional protection service

We use strong DDoS protection and a strong SSL certificate to protect your personal information

About company

Many participants in the cryptocurrency market earn impressive fortunes on online trading, but novice traders most often remain the losers.

Why is this happening? What to do to get a guaranteed profit from self-trading cryptocurrencies? First you need to find out the reasons due to which unsuccessful transactions are concluded.
Experts in the field of cryptocurrency trading identify the following factors that affect the profitability of trading activities: lack of proper experience and practical skills; choosing a non-winning trading strategy;
lack of analytical skills for a correct assessment of the state of the cryptocurrency market; psychological instability to stressful situations.

The CRYPTER team of qualified traders will help you to work out and eliminate both the most important and minor factors that hinder successful trading in the shortest possible time. With our help, opportunities for stable income generation open up in completely new boundaries. At the same time, the execution of trading operations by hand is not mandatory.

activity of the company

Our programmers have developed a unique program for buying and selling cryptocurrency, which increases the number of profitable transactions. Our software product automates the trading process, which eliminates the occurrence of errors caused by the human factor.
Additional support for the trader will be provided by the analytical department of our company, which daily studies world market events that may have a direct impact on the value of cryptocurrencies. Based on the data obtained, our own forecasts of market behavior in the short and long term are made.

The marketing and development department of our company is responsible for controlling financial flows, forming a reserve fund, which allows us to ensure the timely accrual of profits to investors and partners of the organization in accordance with the chosen tariff plan, even in the event of unforeseen, force majeure circumstances.

CRYPTER employees are constantly working to reduce risks for investors, which makes it possible to involve both large financial institutions and individual individuals in cooperation. As a result, an increase in the number of transactions leads to an increase in profitability and an expansion of the field of activity of our company.

Register on our website and start earning with us on the most profitable and stable market of our time - the cryptocurrency market.


company documents

We conduct legal investment activities and since February 12, 2023 the company has been registered in England and Wales as a private investment company - CRYPTER LTD.

Click on the photo of the certificate and you will be able to get acquainted with it closer.

23 Fleet Road Hampstead, London, United Kingdom, NW3 2QS
  • Company name: CRYPTER LTD
  • Company number: 142273028
statistics The tables below show in real time the movement of all funds in our system, namely the latest deposits and the latest payouts.
Deposits Payouts
Latest contributions
date Address Sum Status
03/24/2023 4:39:03 AM bc1qkd7dvs44cmj...24kyc393c 0.00513000 BTC 21:32:22
03/24/2023 4:22:56 AM bc1qejeh95jd6zf...nh2j88e4v 0.00594500 BTC 21:16:15
03/24/2023 3:07:36 AM 1QABcWaJr8vbqng...ZDuSmx84c 0.00103500 BTC 20:00:55
03/24/2023 2:59:13 AM bc1q3p0jp2jcfxr...77g03ua7t 0.00091000 BTC 19:52:32
03/24/2023 1:42:27 AM bc1qua90ncutca4...m86j4hkp4 0.05569500 BTC 18:35:46
03/24/2023 1:25:54 AM bc1qyq673rn6e3z...4d9ruunm7 0.00361600 BTC 18:19:13
03/24/2023 1:13:13 AM 3Bn92ET24H7UcGe...sezF5Lgdb 0.00357700 BTC 18:06:32
03/24/2023 12:21:03 AM bc1q724afw553k6...lnv04zafy 0.00106900 BTC 17:14:22
03/23/2023 11:38:44 PM bc1qkplwuwd7j7d...pj353hdsu 0.00342400 BTC 16:32:03
03/23/2023 10:39:33 PM MCPFwktbqZEDdkc...1SLZTY3jR 0.08310100 LTC 15:32:52
Latest payments
date Address Deposit amount Payout type Status
03/24/2023 4:43:14 AM DQei4nMKSgo5Rym...TK16dRg99 205.69300000 DOGE Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 3:39:06 AM MVUdLzTVqUQqbXK...BRsZX1hRd 0.30769200 LTC Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 3:23:15 AM bc1qxc2934gjplp...lda8g43hp 0.07098210 BTC Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 2:07:37 AM 3NHvYiMbz9Q8c9r...727CbeY41 0.00058000 BTC Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 1:59:18 AM bc1qww5kvt9l3fl...9l3hhrv7p 0.03580000 BTC Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 12:42:46 AM 1FF24Q6cdCUVWWt...TjZj37sHZ 0.19058900 BTC Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 12:25:59 AM bc1qcrqc4ck9k9u...ndzhvp5c8 0.00051525 BTC Interest Paid out
03/24/2023 12:13:20 AM 1E3KZoUSHnBsGbB...kDqLhaZRS 0.00069920 BTC Interest Paid out
03/23/2023 11:21:35 PM bc1qet8t093g9kt...975c782va 0.38505700 BTC Interest Paid out
03/23/2023 10:38:44 PM DBMHyi634EEoLEy...3ZsZXD3Fb 146.00000000 DOGE Interest Paid out
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